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Pt. 5 | The Painter & The Critic | Marina Adams + Barry Schwabsky

In this episode of "Between Two Palms," critic and author Barry Schwabsky speaks with painter Marina Adams about her new series of prints created at Two Palms in New York. Their conversation—recorded six feet apart in East Hampton, New York—touches on the color and energy in Adams' work, which Schwabsky says "is never agitated or frantic but rather feels steady, relaxed, and spontaneously responsive. Viewing her work is like being in the passenger seat next to a driver who knows how to take the road with supreme dexterity and implicit attentiveness; you feel safe at any speed.”


Pt. 4 | The Photographer | Antwaun Sargent + Nona Faustine

In this episode of "Between Two Palms," art critic and writer Antwaun Sargent speaks with photographer Nona Faustine about her new series "My Country," which confronts the truth and trauma behind iconic American monuments. Recorded in front of a live audience at Two Palms in New York, their conversation investigates this critical cultural moment in which monuments—and the very history they embody—have come under review.

Pt. 3 | The Print Maker | Carroll Dunham + Dan Nadel

This episode of "Between Two Palms" features a conversation between Carroll Dunham and Dan Nadel, two friends navigating what they call "the richest path of exploration."

Pt. 2 | The Print Collector | Jordan Schnitzer + Judy Hecker

Jordan Schnitzer has amassed what is likely the largest private collection of contemporary prints. In this episode, the collector speaks with Judy Hecker, Director of the International Print Center New York about Jordan's lifelong passion for collecting as well as his parallel mission to publicly exhibit works from his vast collection. 


Pt. 1 | Dana Schutz + Carroll Dunham

For the first episode of "Between Two Palms," we're hosting Carroll Dunham in conversation with Dana Schutz on the occasion of Schutz's first suite of large-scale etchings, recently released by Two Palms.

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