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Spotlight: Painter Marina Adams Conjures Up Music and Light in Her New Abstract Paintings

About the Artist: Painter Marina Adams (b. 1960) has been refining her rigorous explorations of color for decades. Working in a mode inspired by the New York School of painting, Adams’s works embrace gesturalism and improvisation. Her most recent works, jubilant paintings are marked by elastic forms and a balance and rhythm of shapes, are on view in “What Are You Listening To?” at LGDR in New York.

The New Jersey-born artist’s works were recently included in “Affinities for Abstraction: Artists on Eastern Long Island, 1950 to 2020″ at the Parrish Art Museum in 2021. She has collaborated with several poets on volumes as well, including Actualities with Norma Cole (Litmus Press, 2015); Taormina with Vincent Katz (Kayrock, 2012); The Tango with Leslie Scalapino (Granary Books, 2001); and Vue sur Mer with Christian Prigent (Gervais Jassaud, 2010)...

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