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Peter Doig: We don’t always have to know what our painting is about

CAC Malaga has just inaugurated “Studiofilmclub”, an exhibition curated by its director, Fernando Francés, of the 166 movie posters artist Peter Doig made for his film club in Trinidad and Tobago, where he currently lives and works. The improvised cinema, in an old rum factory, was founded in 2003 together with the Trinidadian artist Che Lovelace to show movies to the public. The posters he created are free interpretations of those movies that broaden the formal knowledge of one of the most important artists of our time.

In the paintings of Peter Doig (Edinburgh, 1959), the artist’s memories and imagination are poured into representations of landscapes that evoke the footprints and feelings of the past. Empty modernist buildings engulfed by the overflowing, vital energy of nature, views covered by veils of snow or semitransparent curtains, a glimpse of figures, canoes floating on calm waters... Paintings that share an intensity and a dreamy, tranquil atmosphere. Peter Doig talks about his work on the occasion of his first exhibition in Spain...

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