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Matthew Ritchie Transforms Data Into Beautiful Abstract Art

Is information always informative? If ideas and interpretations often take the form of charts, sketches, and drawings, do diagrams also represent understanding and feeling? Free of context, can data become beautiful? For Ten Possible Links, his fifth solo-show at Andrea Rosen Gallery, artist Matthew Ritchie explores these questions and more, reflecting on the ephemeral nature of information through a series of paintings, moving images, sculptures and sounds. 

At the showcase, on display through October 22, viewers can experience four of Ritchie’s unique works: a room of layered paintings also known as Ten Possible Links, The Temptation of the Diagram, a collection of diagrams stripped of legibility and translated into gestures, Night Drawing, a looping, intricate sculpture and 3D drawing created in collaboration with architects Aranda\Lasch, and Monstrance, a film set to a score by Bryce Dessner...

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