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Matthew Ritchie on his Project at Rice, What Makes Texas Unique, and Why He Keeps Coming Back

This last September, Moody Center for the Arts at Rice University in Houston opened up its newest exhibition and residency project with New York City-based artist Matthew Ritchie. Ritchie’s exhibition Demon in the Diagram is part of Rice University’s ongoing cross-campus and community effort to create transformative encounters with the arts. Ritchie’s site-specific installation explores history, human nature, and time diagrams that thread through multi-layered mythologies and allegories. Ritchie’s work here — through interactive soundscapes, movable paintings, VR technology, and wall works — allows the viewer to explore methods for mapping history and science. Glasstire contributor Paul Middendorf spent a recent morning with Ritchie in Houston to dig a little deeper into his process, and chat about his cumulative experiences of making and showing work in Texas.

Paul Middendorf: Tell us about the exhibition, how it came about, and your process as it unfolded (upon your re-investigation of Texas)...

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