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Marilyn Minter: Art, Activism, Glamour, and Sex

She’s a valiant artist, a rigorous thinker, and a paragon of activism for women. Marilyn Minter is in the hot seat, and she isn’t backing down. That’s why, when we met with her last year at Planned Parenthood’s annual “Women of Valor” spring luncheon at The Pierre hotel, she was being honored for her advocacy for women’s justice and reproductive rights. There, she bravely shared her story of relying on the center for healthcare and contraception, receiving a safe abortion from the clinic during her young adulthood, leading her to become closely tied with the center and its missions, later raising millions of dollars for its efforts. That afternoon, Minter also presented new work and initiatives for Planned Parenthood—Miley, a photograph of Miley Cyrus in a steamy shower, limited to 50 signed C-prints, face-mounted on UV Plexiglas. The initiative stemmed to later include Miley Loves Planned Parenthood and Pro-Choice Miley—two photographs from the session, only available on T-shirts made by Marc Jacobs. All proceeds went to the organization...

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