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Feeling the Blahs? Feast Your Eyes on These 3 Gallery Shows by Modern Maestros of Dazzling Color

There are still a few days left to catch painter Marina Adams’s joyful second solo exhibition for Salon 94 Bowery. Her five new abstract paintings explore the relationships between color and line, and hone in on the space where they meet, encouraging viewers to track how dynamic energy shifts across the canvas.

Adams’s unique power stems in part from the size of her work. One picture stands at eight feet tall, and is comprised of soft, organic forms that float among each other in periwinkle blue, forest green, ultramarine, and white. Another picture features a repeating theme of triangles that brings a sculptural liveliness to the colors at play.

Like Hilma af Klint, Adams embraces the idea that art should be accessible, though these works are also markedly about creating breathing room. All in all, they make space to help you re-calibrate after a long day...

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