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Dana Schutz: Imagine Me and You

Dana Schutz apparently found the title for this splendid show in the Turtles’ 1967 saccharine hymn to togetherness of the same name. No one is likely to become enraged over this appropriation. But it reminds us of the absurdity entailed in the very idea of appropriation, that somehow subjects are the exclusive property of some artists but not others. Schutz is as free to quote from a mawkish love song as she is to paint whatever comes into her head. Of course, the idea of togetherness here is hilarious because none of us would like to be anywhere near the monsters that populate Schutz’s work.

But “me and you” may also refer to the fact that the show consists of paintings and sculpture—five bronze castings, Schutz’s first public foray in that medium. They accompany twelve oils, varying in size from 30 by 26 to 120 by 150, but that number is slightly deceptive because hanging in the gallery are two more paintings, technically hors de concours, that are nevertheless important. One is Schutz’s version of Moses delivering the Ten Commandments, the other a fiendishly ambiguous full-face portrait whose teeth provide a direct link between the paintings and the sculptures...

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