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Cameron Jamie at Kunsthalle Zürich

Kunsthalle Zürich presents a comprehensive solo exhibition by the American artist Cameron Jamie (born in 1969 in Los Angeles), which reveals the wide diversity of media he employs in his artistic production. Covering more than two decades of activity, the exhibition intertwines early works, such as the black and white photographic series Front Lawn Funerals and Cemeteries (1984 – ongoing), the installation of the documented performance The New Life (1996) and its related cloth/vinyl mask Self-Portrait (1992), with very recent ceramic sculptures like Ma Blue (2012) and new ink drawings. For the first time, the artist has allowed his drawings, sculptures, ceramics and objects to be shown in dialogue with his films BB (1998–2000), Massage the History (2007–2009) and Kranky Klaus (2002–2003), which portray both the American and European vernacular and amateur traditions through a radical arrangement of images and sound...

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