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At Blenheim Palace, Cecily Brown confronts the gore and glory of English heritage

Behind the gilded gates and opulent facade of Blenheim Palace, there’s a conversation happening between the work of Cecily Brown and the contents of the palace. The subject is British heritage, and what that means today. 

In 2014, Blenheim secured its presence on the international contemporary art map with shows by Ai Weiwei, Lawrence Weiner, Jenny Holzer, and more recently – and infamously – Maurizio Cattelan, whose still-unrecovered 18-carat gold loo was pinched from the palace last year in a heist that flushed through the art world and beyond. 

In another show of firsts: Blenheim has invited a British artist to exhibit. It’s also the first exhibition of entirely new work created in response to the Palace, and the first of contemporary painting...

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